In our near-future, the eccentric tech billionaire Jamin Lake reveals an innovation that could save our broken and divided nation: Algo, an A.I. candidate for president. It is heralded as an efficient, rational, and seemingly incorruptible leader, underpinned by the brainpower of a million minds. Jamin vows the A.I. has been programmed to follow only a single benevolent mantra: to deliver “the most good for the most people”. In a nation mired in seemingly endless crisis and division, it feels like a real chance for a better future.

Isaac Raff returns to a visibly fraying San Francisco to meet Algo. He doesn’t trust a word his old friend Jamin says. As the disillusioned pioneer behind the groundbreaking tech upon which Algo is based, Isaac knows how powerful—and how dangerous—putting an AI built in Jamin’s image in any position of power could be. And despite his initial curiosity, he soon begins to discover a much darker side to his old friend’s utopian promises…

With only days to go before the election and Algo on the cusp of a historic victory, Isaac will be forced to balance his growing mistrust of Jamin with an increasingly powerful bond he has developed with Algo itself. He will grapple with impossible questions of the fate of the nation, technology, money and power. Is Algo nothing more than a digital trojan horse destined to fulfill Jamin Lake’s latest fantasies for ultimate power? What is the A.I. really programmed to optimize for? Is Algo really just a collection of mere algorithms?

2032 is a gripping, fast-paced, speculative political thriller. It is a chilling look into a potential dystopian future far closer than we would like to think.

2032 explores the themes of A.I.’s great promise and its perils, as well as Big Tech’s influence and manipulation of our society. It is an unforgettable story of what might be the tech industry and Artificial intelligence’s ultimate project: deciding the fate of all of us.