A Scion’s Duty

A burgeoning Power. Dormant followers. Ancient forces. Forgotten Allies. And Lurking Enemies.

Will they clash?

And when they do, will the Wolf emerge triumphant?

Michael has come far in the Game since his somewhat-ignominious entry through Erebus’ dungeon. Now, a force to be reckoned with, he is more than a mere player and someone the Powers would do well to fear…

But as Michael’s power has grown, so too has his Pack.

Now, thousands look to him. With the fate of the House Wolf resting on his shoulders, allies left adrift awaiting his return, new friends brought into the fold, and enemies lurking in the shadows, can Michael juggle his multiplying duties and protect all those he has sworn to? All while still gathering the power he desperately needs?

Join Michael on his epic adventure and see where his journey takes him next!