After the Outbreak

The thrilling post-apocalyptic series, After the Outbreak, now available in one complete set!

Could you push past your limits to survive the apocalypse?

After the deadliest virus known to man, law and order have collapsed. The surviving few are left to find their way among the ashes of civilization. Chaos reigns.

What if your preparations weren’t enough?

Nick thought he was ready. He has a lodge in the mountains in New Mexico, packed full of supplies and ammo. He thought he could protect his family, but the virus took them anyway. Soon, he finds others that rely on him. With everything lost, can he find the strength in himself to go on? Could you face your greatest fears?

Liz is trapped in Albuquerque. A dangerous battle rages around her, and she doesn’t have long to live if she stays. The only way out is through the mountains, and there’s only one man who can take her. But can she put her faith in a stranger’s promise?

Only a few survived the outbreak, but that was just the beginning. Now they’ll have to fight harder than ever to stay alive.

After the Outbreak: The Complete Series is the three-book series about ordinary people fighting to stay alive in an apocalyptic world.