Carry On: Stan Zuray’s Journey from Boston Greaser to Alaskan Homesteader

In 1960s inner-city Boston, Stan Zuray had no future. As the Vietnam War took more and more of his friends, and many of those who returned sank further into drugs and despair, Stan looked for meaning and found nothing. His life’s purpose lay 3,300 miles northwest, deep in the Tozitna River Valley in the heart of Alaska’s frozen interior.

Deadly cold, famine, grizzly bears, and one unruly sled dog with a grudge kept Stan on the knife’s edge between survival and death. Humbled by the power of nature, the Boston greaser who was destined for prison found a new life in the wild, where one mistake can prove fatal. This is the true story of Stan Zuray’s incredible journey, the reformation of a man’s heart and mind in the forbidding darkness of Alaska’s endless winter.