Collapsed World

When the world ends, all they have left is family. But can they survive what’s coming?

Laurel and her husband, Bear, have finally reunited with their daughter Mae. But their daughter’s loyalties are divided, leading both Bear and Trent to get swept up in the turmoil as Mae is forced to pick sides.

With her family separated once again, Laurel needs to figure out how to save them and remind their daughter that family comes first in the battleground of post-apocalypse America. And it isn’t long before a new crisis threatens everything they’ve worked so hard to build. Now Laurel must work out how to rescue not only the Freemen but the Militia as well.

People are dying as the two groups clash, loyalties are tested, and Laurel and Bear must make the hardest choice of their lives. In the fight for survival, they struggle to answer a single burning question: how much can the ties of family withstand?