Dark Nation: The Complete Series

An EMP devastated the world. Now life is a brutal battle for survival….

When a powerful EMP blast knocks out power across the country, Molly, former Marine bus driver, Colton, and the five students they’re supervising are trapped inside a prison, surrounded by hardened criminals and with no safe exit. And it doesn’t take long for a riot to throw everything into even more chaos.

Molly and Colton must find a way to escape with their charges, even if it means trusting a prisoner who may be using them for his own secret agenda.

Once outside the prison, they discover that the world is just as dangerous, as local townspeople fight over dwindling supplies and shelter. Molly will do anything to protect her students. But can she lead them to safety as what’s left of the world collapses around them?

Loyalties are tested, new bonds are forged, and survival is a daily battle in a dying world. This boxset contains books 1-3 of the Dark Nation series, a thrilling post-apocalyptic trilogy.