Dead Calm

Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors.

Spencer and his loyal dog Finn are determined to survive the aftermath of an unthinkable EMP disaster, while outfitting their thirty-one foot sailboat, Restless, in a desperate attempt to reach Stuart, Florida where Spencer hopes to reunite with his girlfriend Kate.

As Marathon, Florida spirals into chaos, escaping the fire-ravaged town proves more difficult than anticipated, thanks to swiftly diminishing resources and marauding looters. The recent recruitment of a couple and their young daughter to help Spencer and Finn crew their boat for the journey north results in an unexpected friendship and a sense of overwhelming responsibility to get the family home safe.

As Spencer witnesses’ humanity’s descent into a lawless free-for-all, where theft and murder are the new norm, his Coast Guard training is put to the test. Will his decision to take on passengers prove to be a wise move, or will the added burden cost him everything?