Dead End

The Final Showdown Has Arrived….

Brooke is devastated as she watches her estranged husband drive away with their son, leaving her and Jon behind with no way to come after him. But Peter made one drastic mistake… leaving Jon South behind, still breathing.

Mourning the loss of his friends, Jon must pick himself up and help Brooke get her son back. A chance encounter gives them a hint of where Peter and Lucas might head, and they find a way to get back on the highway and go after him.

But many obstacles remain in the way, including the undead hordes scouring the apocalyptic wastelands. And that’s not to mention Peter himself. Jon and Brooke have let Peter off before, knowing he’s Lucas’ father. But Jon knows what he must do for him and Brooke to find peace and end this cat-and-mouse chase.

Can Jon track down Peter and Lucas and reunite Brooke and her son for good, even if it costs him his own life?

Dead End is the eight and final entry in the bestselling post-apocalyptic zombie series, Dead South, written by Zach Bohannon.