Dead Wrong

You can’t escape the ghosts from your past….

Reunited again, Jon, Brooke, and Lucas head to the Los Muertos camp, 80 miles southeast of New Atlanta. Brooke is distraught, still processing her time as a prisoner in the camp, and the reappearance of her husband. With Peter now dead, Brooke must decide whether to face her son with the news. But other decisions loom, as she and Jon have to choose whether to stay with Los Muertos under the threat of another attack from New Atlanta, or head back out on the highways to face the dangers of the world and try to find peace somewhere.

But danger lurks, and it’s coming after them….

In New Atlanta, Peter Tatum wakes in pain with two gunshot wounds. The camp is in chaos after the Los Muertos attack, and Peter is lucky to be alive. Revived from the dead and given another chance, he vows to get his son back and to kill Jon South. Peter has only one thing on his mind….


Dead Wrong is the seventh and penultimate entry in the best-selling zombie series, Dead South, written by Zach Bohannon.