Divided World

They went looking for their daughter. They found a civil war….

Laurel and her husband Bear are finally reunited. But South Minneha Hospital is no longer the haven it once was. Together, they leave the hospital behind to take on a new quest: find their daughter, Mae.

Accompanied by Trent and Jess, Laurel and Bear leave the safety of Minneha and begin their search, knowing only that Sergeant Mae Petersen was serving in the US Army when the EMP hit. The Internet is just a memory, and phones are now quaint relics. Finding out where one soldier was stationed—and where she might be now—will take a miracle.

Laurel is up for the challenge, but the world changed while she was fighting to save South Minneha. Roving bands of gunmen have given way to organized paramilitary groups. The land she and her companions must cross is contested by two factions, the Militia and the Freemen. Tensions are rising, lines are being drawn, and one fact is painfully clear—if Laurel and Bear are to reunite their family, they’re going to have to fight.