Escape the Virus: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

Highly contagious, a deadly virus rips through the country like wildfire. No one is safe.

Albuquerque, NM is quickly overrun. People drop like flies. And with no one left to keep things running, they’ll soon be plunged into darkness. City services grind to a halt. Those who manage to stay uncontaminated are left to compete for quickly-dwindling supplies.

Matt’s a normal office worker with an eye for being prepared. But now that a real catastrophe has hit, he quickly realizes that he’s not prepared enough. Much of his gear is back at home, and he’s trapped at the office. Will he be able to cross a city that’s quickly descending into chaos?

Matt’s coworker, Jamie, finds herself flung into the violence and insanity. Her only way to survive? Pair up with someone who seems to have it figured out. For her, that’s Matt. Her only problem? Their handful of dates a month ago didn’t exactly end well.

Escape the Virus is book one of Last Pandemic, a post-apocalyptic survival thriller series. It deals with real people fighting for their survival every inch of the way.