Evolving Anarchy

There’s a thin line between trust and survival…

After an EMP plunged the world into chaos, Deb found herself joining a group of hardworking survivors. At first, she’s grateful not to be alone. But her hopes and dreams soon become a nightmare, when she’s left in charge of a group of runaways, fleeing from Mike, the brutal man who kept them captive.

Mike is determined to reclaim Carol and her baby, and to wreak vengeance on Deb for taking his family away from him.

Meanwhile, Carol’s newfound freedom has come with a dark price… Staying off drugs was easy when she didn’t have access. Now, she finds herself torn between her desire to be a good mother, and the addictive cravings that still haunt her.

When Deb learns that her ex-husband Colton and Carol’s children are nearby, she’s determined to reunite with them, in the hopes that there will be safety in numbers.

But with Mike hot on their tail, safety may be one more fleeting dream…