A post-apocalyptic survival series 

What would you do to survive?

Ben, Joel, Allie, and their dog, Gunner, have faced down foes of all descriptions in their odyssey across the EMP-ravaged country in search of their families.

Now, as they approach the final leg of their journey, the stakes are raised. With no way of knowing what danger lurks ahead, they encounter a new and never-ending gauntlet of challenges and threats. Their ability to work as a team is tested anew, and they realize survival in this new world will require them all to make sacrifices.

Joel and Allie are forced to grow up fast in a world that offers little forgiveness for mistakes. Will the physical and mental demands be too much for them to handle? Will Ben’s Army training and survival skills get them through and allow them to reunite with family?

Or will this be the last road they travel together?