Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Things go from bad to worse for Ben and his crew as they struggle to push on toward Colorado. Unfortunately, due to Emma’s deteriorating health, they’re forced to alter their plans. But a delay might not be their biggest problem.

Battling the elements and their own physical limits proves to be almost as treacherous as the roving gangs of highway bandits that lurk in the shadows, looking to prey upon the weak or unprepared. It’s more important than ever to remain vigilant.

Especially when being deep in Patriot Hooligan territory makes every stop to fuel the vehicles a potential life-and-death situation. The murderous gang of extremists leave no question about their intent for anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Something made clear by the grim remains of their evil deeds that litter the route to Fort Wayne.

With no other choice, they must push on toward their new destination for Emma’s sake. But Ben sees Colorado and home slip further from their grasp, along with his expectations of humanity. Even the youngest of the group can no longer be sheltered from the problems this post-apocalyptic world presents or the tough choices that come along with surviving in it.