Jack of Diamonds

‘Til death do us part…

All Jack Stratton wants to do is get married to the woman he loves and make it through the wedding. It seems like he is finally getting his wish, until he responds to a police distress call and discovers his old partner unconscious in an abandoned house.

Investigators insist it was just an accident, but Jack fears there may be more to it. Sketches of women cover the walls, and among them is one sketch that makes Jack’s blood run cold – a sketch of Alice pinned up beside an invitation to a very special wedding – his own.

Locking horns with law enforcement, Jack digs deeper. What did his old police partner see in the house? Who’s been creating these sketches? More importantly, what do they want with Jack’s bride-to-be? 

When he identifies two of the women in the sketches, only to discover that they are both missing, Jack finds himself thrown into one of the deadliest cases he’s ever worked. Jack comes to a terrifying conclusion – there’s a serial killer on the loose and Alice is his next target.

As their wedding day looms closer, Jack and Alice must work together to solve the murders and put an end to the killer. Will they catch the psychopath in time, or will their loved ones attend a funeral instead of a wedding?

As Jack and Alice fight a deadly killer, their long, happy future together seems like it’s just inches from slipping away. This time, “till death do us part” might just be a bit too accurate.

Jack of Diamonds is a riveting thriller that takes murder mysteries to a whole other level. Filled with intrigue and suspense, this book delivers compelling twists and crafty schemes along with some laugh-out-loud wedding antics.