Last Light Publisher’s Pack 2

A revolutionary technology. A sinister foe. A desperate fight for survival.
Get the special Publisher’s Pack edition of Last Light from number-one best-selling post-apocalyptic authors Mike Kraus and Justin Bell. 

The thrilling tale of Mike, Mary Beth, and more continue in this epic conclusion to the Last Light series! 

When a new drilling method enables access to a deep source of renewable energy, all expectations are that Ultilitron will champion a new era in electricity production. 

When the lights go out and the killing starts, the country’s emotions quickly turn from elation to fear. As a sinister foe emerges from the shadows, the survivors of the initial disaster must band together to survive, lest their lights be snuffed out like the countless others before them…. 

A new, intensely thrilling and terrifyingly nail-biting series, Last Light is a post-apocalyptic adventure from Justin Bell and Mike Kraus like you’ve never seen before. Taking the tropes of post-apocalyptic and simultaneously turning them on their head and masterfully playing to them, Justin & Mike deliver a heart-pounding series that will both excite and terrify you. 

In this Publisher’s Pack edition of Last Light, you can get the second half of the series (Dead Wrong, Into the Fire, Slow Burn and Final Darkness) in one package.