My Pigeon Familiar

Six supernatural besties fighting their fates in NYC: A witch whose spells misfire, a wizard who keeps falling for the wrong species, a vampire who longs to be adored, a dragon shifter who can’t shift, a werewolf without a pack, and a demon-spawn bent on being good…

Minerva Lucent has always wanted to be just like her late father: a guardian, defender of NYC from the demonic threat. She’s spent her whole life trying to secure a spot, but so far, she’s still stuck as a magical beat cop. It’s not that she hates cleaning up after the boozy vampires and miscreant werewolves.

It’s just not inspiring.

But when the guardian she’s crushed on for years spills about a rare opening on their force, she resolves to do anything she can to snag it for herself. If that means she has to rally her friends and do something a little crazy, well.

She’s prepared to do anything.

Including blowing all her savings on an exotic fire lizard egg she hopes to bond. As usual, her plans misfire in a big way, and she winds up bonding a flying rat—the last creature anyone in NYC would ever want as a familiar. What’s worse, Giggles the pigeon won’t stay in her cage. When Minerva’s bestie from high school shows up in dire straits, a choice must be made. Will she secure her promotion or save her friend from an unwanted marriage?

Publisher’s Weekly said My Pigeon Familiar is, “a delightful, character-driven fantasy novel about a group of supernatural friends helping to prevent an unwanted wedding, and it will no doubt bewitch listeners with its entrancing plot and relatable cast.”

**This title was initially published as Mates: Minerva! Other than the title and cover, it is exactly the same. Do not re-purchase accidentally!