Restitution: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Series

Will they ever see home again? 

Colorado seems farther away than ever for Ben and his crew. Especially when a road block lures them deeper into the Appalachian Mountains.

Ambushed and captured, they fall prey to a gang of backwoods moonshiners turned post apocalyptic outlaws. After being led back to camp and locked up, the crew’s morale is at an all time low. Ben knows they must come together as a team if they are going to survive. 

As the moonshiners’ intentions for them and their dogs comes to light, Ben and the others realize they must devise a way to escape no matter the risk. The alternative is unthinkable. 

But sometimes even the best laid plans fall apart in the heat of battle, as Ben and the others soon find out while fighting for their freedom and their lives.