“We never know the worth of water until the well is dry.” (Thomas Fuller)

Ben and his crew have come a long way since they first began their dystopian road trip from hell. But hard-learned lessons and discovering what it takes to survive in a world that doesn’t tolerate the weak or unprepared has molded them into a cohesive team.

With the eastern slope of the Rockies almost on the horizon, Ben and the others must remain more vigilant than ever. If the highway has taught them anything, it’s to never let their guard down. Danger is never far away in a world where their only assurance is that the next day will be harder than the last.

Ben must rally the troops and push on toward Colorado, while trying to navigate a gauntlet of murderous bandits, dwindling resources, and a doomsday cult leader who would like nothing more than to make sure they never see home again.