Surviving Anarchy

The world is broken. And it can’t be fixed….

Before an EMP blast shattered her world, Molly was a high school English teacher. Now, she’s responsible for keeping five teens, four adults, and a dog safe in a world where the bad guys are out to get them. It’s time to retreat, and they head out to her family’s cabin deep in the Maine woods where they can be safe. But when they arrive, it’s clear that someone has been there.

Fixing the cabin may be more than the group was prepared for. Winter is coming, and there’s food to gather, wood to chop; they need to find a reliable source of water, and the cabin needs to be winterized. Still, it’s their best chance for survival….

But Molly and her charges can’t hide forever. Diego Cruz wants his daughter back no matter what, and there are stories that the woods around town are haunted by the bogeyman who is none other than Victor Fox, a former prison guard. Diego wants Jenna back, and Victor wants that fugitive Molly is harboring, and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

Molly knows that if they’re going to survive, they need to choose their battles carefully. The old world is gone, and there’s no going back. But if they work together, a new world can rise from the chaos….