Tallow Jones: Wizard Detective An Urban Fantasy Detective Novel

Dwarven kidnappers and evil wizards have invaded our world and they’ve brought monsters with them. Only Tallow Jones stands in their way. 

Magic doesn’t belong in Atlanta, Georgia. Yet it’s creeping in. 

When detective Douglas Jones’ son goes missing under strange circumstances everyone assumes he ran away. The first break in the case comes when a long-lost relative shows up with a new name and a strange tattoo on the palm of his left hand. His name is Tallow Jones. He is a private detective…and Earth’s only native wizard. A wizard is needed too because, in Atlanta, strange abductions are just the beginning.  

If you like the Dresden files or the Iron Druid Chronicles, Tallow Jones is going to be right up your alley! Give it a try today! Explore this new side of the Bowl of Souls universe!