The Complete Age of Collapse Series

When an EMP collapses society…rabid packs of ex-convicts and gangs ravage an off-grid Texas……turning Houston into hunting grounds.

Double-crossed and incarcerated for armed robbery, Alex longs for a second chance. And revenge.

Then the EMP downs the Texas grid, providing Alex an opportunity.

Despite the buildings aflame, bullets flying, and absolute barbaric conditions, Alex seizes the chance to track down the traitor who crossed him and find Wendy—his daughter.

Will Wendy ever rest safe in his arms again?

But Alex’s adversary—a mob boss—demands settled accounts…or Alex’s debt will be paid in blood.

Armed with unbreakable grit, firearms, and two fists full of retribution, Alex—along with his new ally and their dog, Ranger—will plow through anyone who impedes their path to reunite with Wendy.

Strong-willed, Wendy wields her resourcefulness like a weapon amidst an apocalyptic Texas wasteland.

What atrocities will Alex and Wendy endure to make their reunion a reality?

Savor this surreal disaster/survival series about finishing foes and finding family in this heart-pounding box set.

Caution: This series contains survival thriller elements known to incite heavy perspiration and heart palpitations.Fans of Ryan Schow, Grace Hamilton, Harley Tate, Jack Hunt, Boyd Craven, and Kyla Stone love Age of Collapse’s flawed and complex characters as they undergo riveting action!

Derek Shupert is not responsible for bloodshot eyes or adrenaline overdose. 

Consume responsibly at your own risk.

Includes the Complete Age of Collapse series: Grid Down, Broken Lands, Survival Point, Chaos Endures, Final Justice.

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