This Plot Is Bananas!

With betrayal weighing heavily on their spirits and the devouring flame an ever-present threat, Eve and the gang can do little to stave off the eternal undercurrent of silliness that pervades their lives. Together with a young trellac, a drake with phantasmal wings, and three floating lights known only as Lumy, they’ll fight man-eating plants, officiate monster weddings, and investigate a muffin-related conspiracy deep within the bowels of Pyrindel.

But the fun can’t last forever.

There’s a war brewing between high-level factions, a conflict Eve finds herself caught in the middle of. Soon enough, this secret plot, this life quest, this entire broken trilogy will come hurtling to an end. Perhaps, with any luck, there will be a loaf of bread waiting on the other side. Or maybe the real loaf of bread was the friends we made along the way. Those friends that made it through, that is.

Experience the epic and hilarious conclusion to This Trilogy Is Broken!