Weathering the Storm Publisher’s Pack 2

Trapped by the storm a thousand miles from home, Jake Walton and his family face the ultimate test of survival. 

Get the special Publisher’s Pack edition of Weathering the Storm from number-one best-selling post-apoc author Mike Kraus and Kenny Soward today! 

The harrowing tale of the Walton family continues in this epic conclusion to the Weathering the Storm series! 

Stuck in Boston at a technology conference with his wife and children at their cabin in Tennessee, Jake Walton becomes trapped as multiple category five hurricanes devastate the east coast. 

As the situation worsens and an unknown foe begins to target key infrastructure points across the country, he will risk everything to get back to his family. Meanwhile, at their cabin, Sara and their children become ensnared in a dangerous conspiracy as they prepare to fight the elements, pulling them into a web of destruction that threatens the stability of the entire country. 

Weathering the Storm is a near-future, what-if tale of a frightening apocalyptic future told through a gripping, roller-coaster lens. As severe weather continues to impact the United States, Kenny Soward and number-one best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus explore what might happen if a foreign nation were to exploit one of the most dangerous weather seasons of the year, using it to slip into the country unnoticed and cause exponentially greater damage, all without us knowing.

In this Publisher’s Pack edition of Weathering the Storm, you can get the second half of the series (Windburn, Downburst, and Frostpoint) in one package.