Wolf in the Void

A House in waiting. A Wolf on the run. And with his foes multiplying, can Michael accomplish all that he must?

Michael has taken the Game by the throat. No longer content to lurk in the shadows, he has started down a path that will inevitably bring him into conflict with the Powers.

But the Powers are no easy foes. Nor are they Michael’s only adversaries.

Other enemies stir. Some confront him openly, while others watch patiently from the sidelines. A lone wolf no more, and with many of his own pieces in play, Michael may find himself more exposed than he believes.

The stakes are high. And the schemes of the players convoluted.

Evading entanglement will not be simple. Avoiding the ire of the Powers will be even harder. And escaping the attention of beings beyond his ken may well be impossible. Can Michael trace a delicate balance between obscurity and strength? Or will his dreams for House Wolf end in ashes?

Follow Michael on his epic journey and find out!