Summoner Assassin

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Kaden knows how the world ends, and he’s determined to stop it.

The Hunt has descended upon Earth, bestowing deadly powers upon ordinary individuals and pitting them against one another. In this treacherous game, players must vanquish their adversaries to claim their power. With each triumph, Hunters unearth unprecedented abilities that evolve in strange, unexpected ways.

Armed with a roadmap of the future, Kaden will race against time to thwart mysterious enemies, all while waging a relentless battle against the impending apocalypse. However, when he uncovers the truth about an otherworldly realm known as the Madness, and the malevolent purpose behind the Hunt, he must decide: will he continue as a weapon of tyrants, or will he spite the dark?

Spite the Dark combines elements of 80s and 90s action films with the awe-inspiring violence and beauty of anime. It’s got a hint of Time Recursion, a dash of Apocalypse, and a ton of awesome. Please be aware that this story contains graphic violence.