Insurrection thumbnail

Just when life seems to be settling in, a new enemy appears – the government of the State of California. With a mandatory gun buyback in place, citizens are at the mercy of state security officers.

Derrick, Matt, Jessica, and the rest of their group grapple with how to deal with this new threat while trying to survive day to day.

Will they find a way to fight back against a rogue government, or will their very lives be at stake?

No Safe Place

No Safe Place thumbnail

They thought they’d found their safe haven, but trouble found them instead

After their treacherous trip from Utah to California, Matt, Jessica, and their friends can finally take a breath. The Miller’s farm in the San Joaquin Valley seems like the perfect place to create a new home. That is, until they find out what the Emperors are up to.

Not wanting to start a war with the ruthless gang, they decide to stay out of it, but when they come face to face with Emperor Randy, they may not have a choice.

Forced Exodus

Forced Exodus thumbnail

The road to their safe haven is paved with danger

With their house burned to the ground, the Bronsons accept Jeff and Emily’s invitation to travel to a farm in Central California where they can start over and make a life for themselves. Joining them on the 700-mile journey are Jeff and Emily, Chris and his family, as well as Derrick. But the journey won’t be easy – not with survivors of the pandemic starving and desperate.

With danger lurking around every bend, the Bronsons and the rest of their group will have to dig deep to find a way to make it to their destination unscathed. Good thing they are willing to do whatever it takes to survive.


Pandemic thumbnail

Note: This book was published in April 2019, well before the current pandemic. It started as a new virus. 

Before long, 95 percent of the world’s population was dead.

When a deadly flu sweeps the globe, the Bronson family hunkers down to wait it out. It doesn’t take long for society to collapse, but when surviving neighbors band together, hope is restored.

That hope is swiftly shattered when a rogue element forms, requiring food in exchange for security and medical services. The Bronsons refuse, but when the group takes over the neighborhood, they demand the Bronsons join or face deadly consequences. With their lives at stake, they must make a decision: give in or take a stand.