Shattered Races

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You have survived…

Weeks of pulling humans together and using his class to build a new safe home were shattered when everyone should have been celebrating. For William, building wonders comes easily, but his class needs constant fuel, and the knowledge he and all humans need to survive stays woefully absent or must be hard-won. The assistants have more knowledge to give, but even they are perplexed by the events transpiring.

Now the world is changing again, and potential new friends and enemies will appear. But can he trust any of them when they are here trying to survive as well? The only way forward is to keep leveling and learning as much as possible while saving as many people as he can. Will the shattered races be friends that can answer questions or enemies seeking to take what William fought to create?

The Fortifier

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Surviving the first days of the apocalypse, William is a wreck and hiding in an attic. The daily acid storms, floating elementals, and bizarre mutated animals are the least of his problems. The reality-warping apocalypse has rules and a system much like those in video games. To survive, he must learn how the new uncooperative system works, choose a class without any real knowledge of what it does and create a place safe from the spawning horrors.

For William, staying alive isn’t enough. He will need to bring other survivors together and build a fortification large enough for all of them if he ever wants to strike back at the things that took everyone he loved. That is if he can ever gain control over himself and finally get any answers to what has happened.