The Foundry: Book 1

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It is near the end of the 21st century. Persistent war, overpopulation, and climate change have caused poverty and natural disasters like mankind has never known. When a signal offering assistance reaches Earth from an alien entity calling itself the Foundry, humanity plans a mission to the stars for first contact. In the midst of this, Milo Hughes is just another five-year-old boy who wishes nothing more than to doodle with crayons and dig in the dirt, while his parents secretly plot to join the mission—whether they were invited or not. 

Caught as stowaways aboard the interstellar vessel the Vasco Da Gama, the Hughes family must convince the ship’s captain to let them stay. Milo must start over, leaving everything behind for the 40-year mission. Twenty years to the Foundry, and 20 years back. If they can survive….

Not part of the mission plan, and living in the shadow of world-class scientists obsessed with their work, Milo has to grow up and find his own path and purpose. Can the Foundry help him? Can it help humanity? When Milo comes face to face with the mysterious entity, he alone can answer these questions. His survival, and all of humanity, depend on it.