Eternity’s Bargain: Volume 3: A LitRPG Adventure

Eternity's Bargain: Volume 3: A LitRPG Adventure thumbnail

After surviving the threat known as Eleanor and liberating the Gnomes from the Gnomes, Kendra’s party splits up.

Syren and Ranker are off to the World Tree to undertake a once-in-a-lifetime quest, while Ken and Anna head to Xaxanda to fulfill a promise and check out recent changes made to the frontier continent.

Meanwhile, in Homestead, Ken embarks on a journey of his own as he prepares to marry Theresa…twice.

Crafting comes to Tierra in force in book three of Eternity’s Bargain.

Eternity’s Bargain: Volume 2

Eternity’s Bargain: Volume 2 thumbnail

There’s someone new in Homestead, and all is not as it seems.

While Ken’s upload was flawless, this newcomer wasn’t quite so lucky.

Ken and Anna settle into their new family life and take an active part in the Celestean royal succession, all while continuing his work to make Eternal Legacy Online a better place.

While Ken travels overseas to explore Al’Katrap, the home of the Gnomes, Eleanor finds herself caught between two worlds in her attempt to upload into the game.

With the Queendom up for grabs, it’s a cutthroat battle for the throne.

Eternity’s Bargain: Volume 1

Eternity's Bargain: Volume 1 thumbnail

Ken finds himself trapped in a strange world while asleep in a coma. Different from his endless dreams, he awakens inside a next-generation MMO.

In desperation, this game’s governing AI somehow dragged him into this world. It offers Ken a bargain: it will grant him an escape from his coma, but he must improve the game’s content in exchange.

With seemingly no downsides, Ken eagerly accepts the offer. Things might not be as simple as he initially thought, though.

Will he be able to help the beleaguered NPCs provide better side quests while evading the detection of the scientists behind the project? Only time will tell, but first, he must face his biggest challenge: reaching level 2.