Legendary LitRPG

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Dive into worlds of wonder, action, adventure, and so much more. This collaboration includes short LitRPG stories of all types brought to you by authors with thousands of five-star reviews. The fantastic tales within this tome are a rare opportunity to sample so many wonderful authors in one offering. Grab your copy today. Twenty-eight stories, 28 authors, 28 narrators. 

The authors include Alex Kozlowski, R. K. Billiau, A.F. Kay, Rohan M. Vider, Lorne Ryburn, Noah Drake, Cale Plamann, Joshua Kern, E. Lorenzo Peterson, Timothy McGowen, Nicholas King, Troy Osgood, Wolfe Locke, Gregory Blackburn, D.C. Haenlien, Ian Hawke, Sean Hall, Amanda Head, and more.

Warning: Expect stats, character sheets, and experience points. This is meant for the PG-13 audience and avoids intense adult content.