The 5th Phenomenon

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Awareness: The most profound, intimate, and collective experience human beings share turns out to be an absolute mystery. As universal a state as consciousness is to every person, it currently carries no agreed upon definition beyond its observable characteristics. 

The 5th Phenomenon

  • Presents consciousness as a legitimate phenomenon for academics.
  • Details the art of depth consciousness for individual exploration.
  • Reveals a vision for a shift in mass consciousness that leads to spontaneous world community.

Robert A. Revel cuts through religious and academic dogma to posit something he senses is profoundly obvious: that consciousness is its own dimensional phenomenon – the fifth operational feature in our universe. In this treatise on the full dimensional aspects of sentience, the author introduces Awareness Field Theory (AFT) to explain it all and reveals how those insights will unfold the next evolutionary steps for our species. 

The 5th Phenomenon parses what has already been examined about the nature of personal consciousness and then pushes out to a sublime edge that is alive with relevance. Religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, physics, ontology, epigenetics, systems theory, and cosmology all come under the review of a new form of intelligence. As AFT illuminates and expands traditional academic horizons, it simultaneously creates an invitation that serves to transform personal understanding around our existence. In the end, AFT musters as existential collateral, a new hope – married to crucial insight – about how the art of consciousness might allow us as individuals to become radically free while collectively united.