Tribal Honor

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Warren Lawson is an elite Tribal Police Officer on the Jericho Nation Reservation in Oregon. A relatively peaceful place, but that’s all about to change.

Marvin Bingham is a man with morals that vastly differ from Warren Lawson’s. One man loves to kill; the other does everything he can to avoid killing.

As Marvin claims another victim, he attracts the attention of two twin Native American brothers who want revenge outside the law, two brothers who happen to be very good at killing.

Caught in the middle of three killers, Warren races to keep the peace in his town, a task that grows increasingly difficult as his moral compass is tested unlike ever before. With each twist and turn in the case, Warren contemplates whether the law is worth upholding, or if he is just like the very people he puts behind bars.

Buckle in, as a seemingly cut-and-dry case turns into something horrific and complex, leaving the Jericho reservation in the wake of a bloody battle.