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“The narration of Andrew Tell is excellent, his performance is spot on and I felt I was listening to more of an Audio Drama at times. ... it was a joy to listen to.”

“He is just a fantastic narrator.”

“His narration has given the characters voices and personality, and he doesn't get in the way of what the author has created.”

“Andrew Tell does a great job narrating, really differentiating the characters and bringing the story to life.”

“[Andrew] does an outstanding job with this contemporary horror story, doing a great job with reading pace, with the different characters and their various voices and accents. I will listen to any book he narrates, he's that good.”

“[Andrew Tell] makes the story even better! He's excellent and I'll be searching for, and keeping an eye out for other books he narrates.”

“I can’t tell you enough that a well-narrated book can elevate a book to new levels. This was truly a performance by Tell and the listener will not be disappointed.”

“Andrew Tell was fantastic.”

“The narration was top notch and wonderfully articulated and recorded. SIX stars for Mr. Tell!”

“The narration of this audiobook was EXCELLENT. It was clear right from the beginning that this narrator is a professional.”

“The narrator did a great job. Many narrators tend to get in the way of story either by overacting or by not putting enough emotion into their performance. For me, Andrew Tell's performance struck just the right balance between the two.”

“I can’t tell you enough that a well-narrated book can elevate a book to new levels. This was truly a performance by Tell and the listener will not be disappointed.”

“[Andrew] delivers in this book like a pro! He is definitely the best thing about this book.”

“[Andrew] was exceptional. He was an excited little boy, an affable boss, and a distressed husband. All rich and believable.”

“His narration is superb. Each character really feel like they are their own whole person and not just some shard of a character.”

“His narration just pulls you into the story and brings the characters to life.”

“Tell is one of those narrators if I were an author, I would be knocking on his door to narrate my books.”

“Flawless narration.”

“The performance by Andrew Tell was fantastic. He really brought the characters to life.”

“[Andrew] has done an amazing job with this book. I'm impressed!”

“[Andrew] is just one of those narrators that is really great and you always enjoy his effortless performance because they just fly by so fast.”

“He is effortless to listen to and really knows how to bring the listener into the story.”

“This isn't the first book I've listened to that's read by Andrew Tell, and it definitely won't be my last... Andrew Tell did an amazing job of bringing this book to life. He really brought the tenseness to another level and made for effortless listening.”

“Andrew Tell was amazing. He gave each character their own voice and really brought the story to life. He brought the heartache and sadness that each one experienced expertly to life and really gave his performance his all.”


Andrew is an actor and voiceover artist based in Los Angeles, California. He’s a versatile, articulate, and technically clean narrator with a strong background in improvisation and theater.

He is also an Audible-Approved audiobook producer with 241 titles produced, and thousands of 5-star performance reviews by Audible listeners. He works closely with independent authors and publishers to bring their books and characters to life.

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