Wolf in the Void

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A House in waiting. A Wolf on the run. And with his foes multiplying, can Michael accomplish all that he must?

Michael has taken the Game by the throat. No longer content to lurk in the shadows, he has started down a path that will inevitably bring him into conflict with the Powers.

But the Powers are no easy foes. Nor are they Michael’s only adversaries.

Other enemies stir. Some confront him openly, while others watch patiently from the sidelines. A lone wolf no more, and with many of his own pieces in play, Michael may find himself more exposed than he believes.

The stakes are high. And the schemes of the players convoluted.

Evading entanglement will not be simple. Avoiding the ire of the Powers will be even harder. And escaping the attention of beings beyond his ken may well be impossible. Can Michael trace a delicate balance between obscurity and strength? Or will his dreams for House Wolf end in ashes?

Follow Michael on his epic journey and find out!

House Wolf

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Still Hunted. Still Alone. But many times stronger. Can Michael survive the Game?

Months have passed since Michael first entered the Forever Kingdom, and while a great deal of the Game remains a mystery, his own place in it grows surer. Yet, survival—much less success—is by no means assured, and Michael will have to tread a delicate path to forge a place for himself.

Ancient mysteries resurface. And long-buried truths are uncovered.

The Forever Kingdom’s past is as murky as the Game, and there are nearly as many truths as factions. But if Michael is to emerge victorious, he must separate fact from fiction.

Will House Wolf rise again?

Will the ancient bloodlines be restored? Can Michael find trustworthy allies? And what price will he have to pay to secure House and allies?

Follow Michael on his epic journey and find out!

World Nexus

World Nexus thumbnail

Multiplying foes. A deadly city. And with no clear path to his goals, how will Michael survive Nexus?

Michael reaches Nexus, but finds advancing more challenging than he’d anticipated. Factions abound, allegiances shift, and separating truth from lies is harder than ever.

The line between friend and foe blurs, and Michael’s path grows murkier.

Nexus is a place of both opportunity and danger. Sitting at the heart of the world, the city is home to thousands—ordinary people, players, but Powers too. Can Michael remain free of their clutches, or will he become entangled in the Powers’ machinations?

Will Nexus be the death of Michael?

Follow Michael on his epic journey and find out!

Way of the Wolf

Way of the Wolf thumbnail

New Powers and Old. A conflict millennia in the brewing. And at the center of it: one man.

Michael has escaped the clutches of the Dark, if only temporarily. Surfacing in the world above, he finds matters no less complex than down below and survival as challenging as it had been in the dungeon.

Is the harder path the one you must forge on your own?

Many want Michael as their ally. Yet more want him dead, and the Dark is not done with him either. Can he find a way to navigate the treacherous waters of the Game and uncover the mysteries about himself?

Or will Michael bend to Powers greater than him?

Follow him on his epic journey of discovery and find out!

The Grand Game, Book 1

The Grand Game, Book 1 thumbnail

One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a game that is as brutal as it is complex.

Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself.

Dropped into a dungeon of monsters and strange magics, would you survive in a game where to lose means death?

Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All while navigating the intrigues around him and discovering his purpose.

A world of powers, forces, and mysterious factions. A game with endless opportunities for advancement and power.

Join Michael on his epic adventure as he deals with the game’s challenges, the machinations of the powers, and the ambitions of his fellow players.

The start of an exciting new portal fantasy epic!